X. Crutcher


I have an older daughter, age 35, that has told me she does not want to be associated with me.   Some of you have experienced separation from a child - the continuous and eternal pain.  For 20 years, I have tried to reconcile our problems, but she is not interested.  She has told me to remove all public references of her on my webpage.  She has many very impressive achievements.  She is an attorney.



Emeline Crutcher


Emeline was homeschooled until age 15.  She was gifted in cross-stitching,Bbest of Show many times at County Fairs, spending days getting a project perfect.  She loved photography too, I have hundreds of pictures on my computer.  She loved to cook too.  She was special.


High School


After 8 years of daily practice, 6 days a week, age 16, Emeline was awarded a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  At the black belt exam in DFW, one of the judges was an Olympic coach.  He wanted to train Emeline as a possible Olympian in TKD, but we had moved to West Texas, he lived in DFW.


Sixth at State in 1600 meters, junior year (her 1st year to run track)


Fifth in State in 1600 meters, senior year.


Second in State, cross country, senior year.  Missed 1st by a foot.  Exciting to watch.

Third in State, weight lifting (all schools in Texas, 1A - 5A).


Valedictorian, Emeline had the highest grade point in her graduating class, but rules require 4 years of public school for that award, she had 3.  So she was not valedictorian, 97 average.  She was home schooled until age 15.



Academically, she was awarded a full academic scholarship, receiving about $24,000 a year, for four years.  She was a chemistry tutor for a chemistry professor.  In track and cross-country, running 50 miles a week, she was:

Cross Country and Track:  All Conference: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years.   Missed the National Finals (top 20 runners), cross-country, senior year, by one place. Her time was 21st in the nation.

All Regional: junior and senior years.

United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association All Academic team: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years.

All Lone Star Conference Track: junior and senior years.

Lone Star Conference All-Academic Team: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior

Lone Star Conference Academic Female Runner of the Year: best grades in a 10 school conference: junior year.

Alpha Chi Honor Society (top 10% academically of graduating seniors).

10,000 meter Lone Star Conference Champion: junior year, senior year; she missed National Finals, senior year by 2 seconds; top 21 in the nation qualified, she was place 22.

5000 meters, set Angelo State school record 17:26, junior year.

Time qualifier for the prestigious Texas Relays, at UT Austin, junior, senior years; the best of the best runners in the nation.  

Earned the Kathleen Brasfield award as the best female student athlete for the year, for all sports at ASU, senior year.

Academic All-American athlete, senior year.

Who`s Who American Athletes

Attending Baylor Medical School, School of Genetics, where she will be studying for a Doctors degree in genetics, beginning Fall 2014. 

Emeline has published her 1st research paper, while at Baylor Medical School.  It concerns autism and the best method(s) to measure success/failure of treatments.  Go here: http://www.crutchercpa.com/emelinecrutcherautism.pdf

If you are forming a new nation, out of people that are the hardest workers, the brightest, toughest, high vitality, most willful, the most intelligent, Emeline is your choice. I have never met anyone like her.  

Emeline is a Certified Mayflower Descendant.









JG Crutcher


JG was homeschooled until age 14.

After 8 years of daily practice, 6 days a week, age 14, JG was awarded a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  JG was home-schooled until age 14.

Second place in Houston stock show: Hereford breed, age 17.

Regional contestant in weight lifting (his shoulder rotator cup was ruptured).  Age 16, weight 160#, dead lift 430, squat 400, bench 285. 

Valedictorian, senior in high school, 97 average.

Auto mechanic, age 14 to 21.

Texas Tech President Scholarship (academic), majoring in Mechanical Engineering, graduating December 2015.

Graduated, Texas Tech, December 2015, Mechanical Engineering

JG is a Certified Mayflower Descendant.